used diesel generators

used diesel generators

Diesel generators used by ReadySource supply dependable standby emergency electrical power for all applications

  • 24 KW 120/240 volt enclosed sound attenuated low noise diesel generators
  • Single phase or triple phase 12 wire leads
  • Huge 75 gallon diesel fuel tank is standard
  • Diesel tank capacities for larger installations
  • Diesel fuel safety
  • Powder Coated Rust Preventive Sealer keeps paint new for years
  • All copper windings and is a BRUSHLESS electrical generator
  • Stamford type design alternator
  • The ReadySource™ generator is liquid cooled because this type of operations has a quieter operation and closely controlled temperature

  • The operating speed of this gen-set is only 1800 rpm, compared to 3600 rpm for manyother models on the market. The result is less wear & longer lasting engines

  • Gauges are water-sealed behind a glass door for protection against elements and easy viewing
  • New Holland manufactured engine (SNH/CNH)*
  • These water-cooled engines have direct injection with swirl combustion chambers, andhave both an iron block and head, making them a very solid & robust engine

  • DUAL combination fuel filter / water separators provide clean diesel fuel to injection pump
  • Easy to use manual emergency fuel primer pump. (If you've experienced vapor-lock on an engine, this is a dream come true.)

  • A full compliment of gauges are in place for monitoring voltage, amperage & frequency of the electrical output

  • Coolant temp, hour meter, etc., for the engine
  • Unit features key operated electric starting, automotive type alternator for keeping the starter battery charged. (Please note that battery is included.)

  • Even larger fuel tanks than the standard 75 gallon capacity can be ordered for external mounting.
  • A safety system will shut down the engine in case of irregular temperature, oil pressure, or over speed

  • An A.V.R. (Automatic Voltage Regulation) system provides relatively clean and stable power for nearly all types of sensitive equipment (though most manufacturers recommend using a good quality surge protector on sensitive equipment whenever powering them from any back-up power system)

  • The entire generator is mounted in a durable steel structure, powder-coated before the painting process
  • The controls and gauges are protected by a water tight glass door
  • Mounting the gauges in a dry area ensures that the gauges are totally protected against contaminants, as well as UV rays

  • Large doors provide access to the engine and alternator for maintenance.